I've shot a few redheads, as I'm sure you're aware. I've never shot a girl with hair like Angharada! Sadly she's moving to Canada soon, but never fear, I have family in the area so we may get a follow-up :)

2020-04-19 -
2020-04-19 - "Bright Light"
We tried doing the set in the window thing, but the sun was so incredibly bright I had to shut the blinds and stand on the other side to normal, which…
2020-02-02 -
2020-02-02 - "Vintage Look"
We deliberately set up a vintage look with this lingerie and hair. Something went slightly astray with the colour balance, which made it even more vintage. I…
2019-07-28 -
2019-07-28 - "Soft And Feminine"
"Soft and Feminine" is what Angharada called them when I showed her the pictures. I definitely agree!
2019-05-05 -
2019-05-05 - "How I Met Her"
This is what Angharada was wearing when I met her... well, she probably had pants on down at the station.
2019-03-17 -
2019-03-17 - "Angharada, Warrior"
Well, you can see which I thought of the name :) Angharada is rather into all that warrior stuff, as well!
2018-12-23 -
2018-12-23 - "I Don't Know What This One Is"
We've had various issues describing clothes. I have no idea what this is called, but it looks great :)
2018-09-30 -
2018-09-30 - "Body Suit"
Definitely a body suit this time!
2018-08-30 -
2018-08-30 - "Corridor"
Here's Angharada on my landing. It's becoming a popular location!
2018-07-05 -
2018-07-05 - "At Last, Angharada"
I had a booking with Angharada ages ago, but she had to cancel at the last minute (not her fault). Anyway, here she is at last!