Anastasija is a friend of Kittie's in Riga. She wasn't a model really, but wanted to try it :) Of course I was happy to do so. Sadly we didn't have a lot of time - I hope to shoot her much more on my next visit.
2017-12-14 -
2017-12-14 - "Up To Her Ankles"
Anastasija capers around, up to her ankles in the wet ground. A nice outdoor set for us.
2017-03-26 -
2017-03-26 - "Pine Forest"
Here's Anastasija's first photo set (ever, I think...), as we briefly stopped by the main road and trotted into the forest. She has cool tattoos!
2017-01-01 -
2017-01-01 - "Naked In The Marsh"
Here's a quick set of Anastasija, shot in between people walking along the path!