Alison Wonderland

Alison is a truly remarkable model. She is from the USA, but has been living in London since her schooldays - but no-one could sound more american! That little toy look of hers really is how she is! She models on and off, as a strictly occasional thing. I have to say I love her to bits :)
2024-02-25 -
2024-02-25 - "Tightest Corset"
Alison has a bunch of corsets, she's that sort of girl. We pulled this one in as tight as possible - she could barely breathe!
2023-07-16 -
2023-07-16 - "Tight Plastic Dress"
A very tight plastic dress, which Alison had trouble getting out of!
2023-06-04 -
2023-06-04 - "Red Roses"
Red roses all over the dress :)
2023-03-26 -
2023-03-26 - "Beyond The Grave"
I'm pretty sure Alison wasn't dead. It's just what it says on the T shirt.
2022-10-09 -
2022-10-09 - "Rose In The Hair"
Very much the bright glamour look here, especially with the rose in the hair :)
2021-11-28 -
2021-11-28 - "Rather Worn"
A deliberately scruffy outfit for Alison here. Kind of a punky coming home late look.
2021-03-21 -
2021-03-21 - "Much Faded"
For pink hair, everythng seems very faded in this set. I was really toning down the blue!
2019-09-15 -
2019-09-15 - "Rework: Conversation"
"A little less conversation"? Not with these two! I just thought I'd let them kick back and talk for a while. It works, don't you think?
2019-03-28 -
2019-03-28 - "Soft In Bed"
We made this bedroom set really fuzzy :)
2019-02-17 -
2019-02-17 - "Rework: Furry Girls"
This was meant to be a little bit of fun. I'd wanted to use Alison's furry top on a previous shoot but we'd had to stop when a light broke. When I saw Kittie's…
2019-01-31 -
2019-01-31 - "Big Dress"
It's a rather outsized lacey dress, but somehow it fits Alison :)
2018-11-11 -
2018-11-11 - "Rework: Slightly Frazzled"
Alison has had a bad day. She rushes into the house, crashes just inside the front door, and throws her clothes off. Then someone knocks - gotta run!