Alishaa (aka Alishaa Mae or Lila) is a truly beautiful model who has been on my list for a while. We finally got it together, and she was all I expected and more
2020-05-24 -
2020-05-24 - "Awesome"
If I say so myself, and I did... This is what I said when I looked at these after processing them :)
2020-01-12 -
2020-01-12 - "Sheepskin Rug"
Another of those sets where I'm tottering about on a chair trying not to fall on the model! I never have yet :)
2019-11-24 -
2019-11-24 - "Leggings"
Yet more athletic wear for Alishaa here, this time leggings.
2019-10-27 -
2019-10-27 - "More Gym Wear"
I asked Alishaa to bring some gym wear, and she brought loads! I think the gym is her natural habitat.
2019-08-04 -
2019-08-04 - "Gym Wear"
Alishaa looked athletic enough in her overcoat, you should see her in this!
2019-07-14 -
2019-07-14 - "My Sense Of Humour"
If you look at the background (why would you?) you will see a complete set of Carry On DVDs. I make no apology!
2019-06-09 -
2019-06-09 - "Lots Of Dots"
I don't know what this is. It's not a scarf, and I don't think she woul have brought a blanket!
2019-05-26 -
2019-05-26 - "Little Shorts"
All the girls have little shorts :) Alishaa's are littler than most!
2019-04-14 -
2019-04-14 - "Introducing Alishaa"
Say hello to Alishaa. Isn't she stunning!