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Covers & descriptions of all the photo sets & videos available inside Artcore's Cafe.
2022-01-23 - Vonny in
2022-01-23 - Vonny in "Garden Set"
We popped out into the garden again when the sun came out for this quick set.
2022-01-23 - Luisabel in
2022-01-23 - Luisabel in "Her First Strip"
Not only was this the first time Luisabel took her clothes off for the camera, it was the first time anyone took a professional photo of her!
2022-01-23 - Carla Cox & Nicole Vice in
2022-01-23 - Carla Cox & Nicole Vice in "Sharing A Bath"
It was a nice bathroom. All the girls got in it :)
2022-01-16 - Video: Eva Ray in
2022-01-16 - Video: Eva Ray in "Eastern Pattern"
I'm not sure where the pattern on this lingerie comes from. It seems a bit eastern, or at least Egyptian.
2022-01-16 - Rachelle Summers in
2022-01-16 - Rachelle Summers in "Colour Wheel"
We use a colour wheel to determine which colours should go together. Pink & light blue aren't quite right, but I like them.
2022-01-16 - French Chloe in
2022-01-16 - French Chloe in "On Red"
Yes, the classic red background, and a black tutu :)
2022-01-16 - Amelie Dot in
2022-01-16 - Amelie Dot in "Over Dark"
Even by the standards of this location, this set came out very dark and grainy :)
2022-01-09 - Mystique & Tomoko in
2022-01-09 - Mystique & Tomoko in "Corsets And Masks"
A small amount of kink, done relatively tastefully for these two!
2022-01-09 - Kitty Dawson in
2022-01-09 - Kitty Dawson in "Exact Match"
At the time it looked like there was an exact colour match between Kitty's lingerie and the big hairy cushion. There certainly isn't in the photos!
2022-01-09 - Haphazard Kittie in
2022-01-09 - Haphazard Kittie in "Bring Up The Red"
The dress is obviously red. I decided to make it even redder!
2022-01-02 - Video: Georgia Brown in
2022-01-02 - Video: Georgia Brown in "Autumn Brown"
Some serious autumnal colours. Well, yellow and brown :)
2022-01-02 - Sissi in
2022-01-02 - Sissi in "Longer Skirt"
Normally models turn up with very short skirts, for obvious reasons. This is one of the longer ones :)
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