Old Updates

2019-10-06 - Sonka in
2019-10-06 - Sonka in "You Mean These Trousers?"
I thought these trousers were nice, they are what Sonka normally wears. She was rather surprised that I wanted to shoot her in them!
2019-10-06 - Rosa in
2019-10-06 - Rosa in "Town Behind"
Rosa poses in front of the small town, probably visible to anybody with binoculars :) The shirt is a 20 year old work shirt of mine, on it's last outing...
2019-10-06 - Iron B in
2019-10-06 - Iron B in "Here's Iron"
Our introduction to Iron, starting in her dressing gown :)
2019-10-06 - Blooma Blossom in
2019-10-06 - Blooma Blossom in "Doorway"
Here's Blooma in my new little location on the landing. I've shot everywhere in my house except the downstairs loo!
2019-09-29 - Sazze in
2019-09-29 - Sazze in "White Dress"
A lot of glow in this set of Sazze in her pretty white dress. I had to add it due to the harshness of the original lighting, but I do rather like the results :)
2019-09-29 - Red Snow in
2019-09-29 - Red Snow in "Red In Bed"
Here's another cool set of Red Snow in Bergamo
2019-09-29 - Natalia Forrest in
2019-09-29 - Natalia Forrest in "Popping Out"
I explained to Natalia how shallow depth of field works before shooting this. She looked at the pics on the camera, and said it really made her pop out. That's…
2019-09-29 - Haphazard Kittie in
2019-09-29 - Haphazard Kittie in "Made Of Marble"
Somehow Kittie looked to me like she was made of marble in this set. She was moving a lot, so I guess she wasn't.
2019-09-22 - Quinn Linden in
2019-09-22 - Quinn Linden in "End Of Shoot Shower"
Quinn was happy to finish the shoot with a quick shower, so we thought we'd try it. Lighting can be difficult, but it was good here :)
2019-09-22 - Helena in
2019-09-22 - Helena in "Up On The Stairs"
Here's Helena up on the apartment stairs - which weirdly were in the middle of the room.
2019-09-22 - Gabriella Elena in
2019-09-22 - Gabriella Elena in "Penthouse Style"
As we were shooting in a swanky penthouse studio, I decided to go for an old fashioned Penhouse style look. It didn't quite happen, but I still love the set.
2019-09-22 - Anna Amy in
2019-09-22 - Anna Amy in "Peel Me A Grape"
I blanked on the name of this piece of furniture (it happens when you get to my age), and for some reason said "Peel Me A Grape"... By the way, it's a Chaise…