Shooting Schedule

Sometimes I arrange shoots well in advance, sometimes they are last minute. If you have any requests for anything in particular with the upcoming models, drop me a line on artcore-cafe (at), and I'll see what I can do!

28th May: Mystique

She's back. We're doing a pregnancy series :)

9th June: Amarissa Celeste

The weather put paid to our outside shoot in April (we shot inside instead). Hopefully it will be better in June.

13th June: Casey Smith

Casey was so good I've arranged another shoot even before I've had the chance to publish anything!

20th-24th June: Ellie Roe

It's been over a year since Ellie's last visit!

Publication Schedule for May

Updates on Sundays (2 or 3 new sets) and Thursdays (2 new sets)

3rd: Aijule / Robyn Brooke

6th: Aika May / Ecce / Lyssa Noir *

10th: Davina / Ludmilla

13rd: Eleanora Silverman / Kayla Louise

17th: Jess Harrington * / Xi Zhou

20th: Deena D / Haphazard Kittie / Sazze

24th: Helena / Poppy Key

27th: Ellie Roe / Rana

31st: French Chloe / Lauren Crist

Publication Schedule for June

Updates on Sundays (2 or 3 new sets) and Thursdays (2 new sets)

3rd: Davina / Ludmilla / Robyn Brooke

7th: Casey Smith * / Sabrina M

10th: Kayla Louise / Xi Zhou

14th: Ellie Roe / Mystique

17th: Freya / Gabriella Elena * / Mimi Cee

21st: Jasmine Lola / Sazze

24th: Aijule / Helena / Rana

28th: Eleanora Silverman / Haphazard Kittie

* new models