Lauren Crist

Lauren is a modelling superstar, and all-round great person, and we are lucky to have her here :) I have shot her twice in Prague, and again in London. Let's see where will will meet next!
2023-02-12 -
2023-02-12 - "On Stage"
This was actually shot in Brussels in about 2015, it's finally seeing the light of day!
2022-05-08 -
2022-05-08 - "Suitably Sepia"
The colours in this room were a bit weird, so I toned the whole thing down to sepia in this set.
2021-11-14 -
2021-11-14 - "Mystic Sofa"
Another literary allusion, there are a few in my set titles! Anyway, here's Lauren on the leather sofa.
2021-09-12 -
2021-09-12 - "Mile Long Legs"
Here we go again, with Lauren's legs!
2021-06-20 -
2021-06-20 - "On The Sofa"
A nice strip for Lauren here, on a very comfortable sofa :)
2021-02-07 -
2021-02-07 - "Simply In Bed"
Lauren in a simple set in bed with no clothes on :)
2019-12-29 -
2019-12-29 - "Yellow Dress"
Lauren's favourite yellow dress... but it soon goes :)
2019-07-14 -
2019-07-14 - "Purple Lingerie"
Some very high quality purple lingerie here. We had to keep the label on (normally we cut labels out of lingerie for photography) to prove how good it is!
2019-01-24 -
2019-01-24 - "Pink And Blue"
Pink clothes, and a blue background. That's it!
2018-12-02 -
2018-12-02 - "Birthday Suit"
This may be a bid colloquial for my non-english members... "Birthday suit" means naked, and Lauren is for the whole of this set.
2018-11-15 -
2018-11-15 - "Lovely Glow"
We have a really "glamour glow" effect going here. It makes Lauren look perfect!
2018-08-05 -
2018-08-05 - "Birthday Dress"
This struck me as the sort of dress you would wear to a birthday party. I'm not sure you'd normally take it off at the party, but there you go!