Heidi Romanova

Heidi (aka Adel C or Vanessa C) is one of those tall red heads that only eastern europe seems to provide! A Russian who now lives in Latvia, our mutual friend Mia put her in touch. I shot her at home, and recently I shot her for a second time in Riga. I hope to do so again :)
2019-06-09 -
2019-06-09 - "Back To Bed"
We had literally been everywhere in the apartment on our shoot, but to finish Heidi went back to bed :)
2018-08-16 -
2018-08-16 - "White On White"
Heidi's dressed in white lingerie here, on white sheets. I particularly love the close up shots in this set :)
2018-03-08 -
2018-03-08 - "Heidi In Bed"
I liked this set so much that, while processing it, I contacted Heidi to arrange another shoot in Riga! She is gorgeous.
2017-12-25 -
2017-12-25 - "Heidi's Christmas Set"
This is a very old set! Trouble is, I can only release it at Christmas, so here it is, finally :))) Happy Christmas!
2017-09-21 -
2017-09-21 - "Looking Down"
One of those sets where you stand on the bed over the model, desperately trying not to fall on her (Falling over onto models is a big no-no!). I managed it, and…
2017-07-16 -
2017-07-16 - "On The Stairs"
A quick, sweet set of the lovely Heidi, as she strips on my stairs :)
2017-06-25 -
2017-06-25 - "Evening Wear"
A very sophisticated looking set of Heidi starting in an evening dress, and ending up naked of course!
2017-05-25 -
2017-05-25 - "Just That Girls Shirt"
This shirt is something of a regular around here :) I had to give it to Heidi too!
2017-02-23 -
2017-02-23 - "In The Window"
Heidi rather daringly strips in the window. It was over a very busy road!
2017-01-15 -
2017-01-15 - "Jeans And Jumper"
Jeans? Check. Jumper? Check. Redhead? Check. Need I say more? No.
2016-12-15 -
2016-12-15 - "Excessive Fuzz"
Every so often I'm motivated to really go after a photo set, and Heidi is on the receiving end here! Maybe excessive, I don't know, as long as it's an…
2016-11-13 -
2016-11-13 - "Stripey Grey"
A real glow in this set :) Heidi's dress is a bit dizzy-making, to say the least!