Aika May

Aika, aka Aiko Bell, is a lovely Czech model, who I met one Saturday morning. We shot in the hotel, and then outside, and had a great time :)
2023-07-23 -
2023-07-23 - "Blue Sky Thinking"
One of the issues with shooting outside is that skies are a lot brighter than you would think. It always needs a lot of work to make the sky a nice blue. I may…
2023-01-29 -
2023-01-29 - "Military Model"
There seemed a bit of a military feel to this outfit. The shorts at least :)
2022-02-27 -
2022-02-27 - "Brown Decor"
The hotel room had some unusual colours, which kind of worked well. Orange and brown.
2021-05-09 -
2021-05-09 - "Girl In Window"
Most of this was shot in the window, which always causes some problems... we got it right, but eventually I stood in the window instead.
2020-06-21 -
2020-06-21 - "A Lot Of Sun"
Even for this very sunny day, there was a lot of sun as we shot this set!
2018-05-06 -
2018-05-06 - "Black Shorts"
A very sun-dappled sets of Aika, starting in her black shorts and ending ... er... without them :)
2018-01-14 -
2018-01-14 - "Walking With Balls"
A quick bit of fun at the end of our shoot, with Aika wandering around with a ball :)
2017-05-04 -
2017-05-04 - "Yellow Bikini"
On a lovely summer day, Aika strips for us starting in my yellow bikini.