Artcore's Cafe Model Directory


Agneska is a Ukrainian fashion model, who does a little art nude. She is incredibly hardworking, and posed for me as quickly and efficiently as anyone I have ever known. She has amazing style too!

Aika May

Aika, aka Aiko Bell, is a lovely Czech model, who I met one Saturday morning. We shot in the hotel, and then outside, and had a great time :)


Aimee is a delightful and very tattooed model who lives quite near me. She came at very short notice. Sadly she has moved away, but I've still managed to see her again :)


Alishaa (aka Alishaa Mae or Lila) is a truly beautiful model who has been on my list for a while. We finally got it together, and she was all I expected and more

Alison Wonderland

Alison is a truly remarkable model. She is from the USA, but has been living in London since her schooldays - but no-one could sound more american! That little toy look of hers really is how she is! She models on and off, as a strictly occasional thing. I have to say I love her to bits :)

Amarissa Celeste

Amarissa is a very cool, natural looking model. She specialises in shooting outdoors, but we couldn't do that on our first shoot because of the weather. A good excuse for a second shoot then!

Amelia Rose

Brought to you from Venezuela by way of Trinidad and Lima! It took a while to get hold of Amelia Rose, but I managed it eventually. Let's hope it won't be the last!

Amelie Dot

Amelie is an alternative Latvian model, a friend of Kittie. She was on my list for ages, both times I visited Riga she was travelling. She came to London and short notice, so we had a quick shoot even though my main camera was away being repaired. I hope we will do it again, and take more time, with a better camera next time!

Amyka Lee

I shot the delightful Amyka many times several years ago, and finally got around to shooting her again for this site. She has a smile that would light up a room, and is enormous fun.


Ana is a beautiful asian model who I shot at short notice, primarily because of her makeup expertise! I was really impressed with her (apart from her sense of direction - she got completely lost on the way here!), and we'll do it again :)


Anastasija is a friend of Kittie's in Riga. She wasn't a model really, but wanted to try it :) Of course I was happy to do so. Sadly we didn't have a lot of time - I hope to shoot her much more on my next visit.


I've shot a few redheads, as I'm sure you're aware. I've never shot a girl with hair like Angharada! Sadly she's moving to Canada soon, but never fear, I have family in the area so we may get a follow-up :)

Anna Amy

Amy has a very cool look, a nice figure, and lives at the seaside! That was easily enough for me to drive a long way to shoot her, and I will do it again.

Ashleigh Monroe

Ashleigh is a well known glamour model from London. She is currently pregnant, and we are running a project over the summer with a monthly photo shoot :)


Babe, aka XXXBabe69XXX (at least, that's what she wrote on the paperwork, but I can't pronounce that!), is a real rarity. An Indian nude model :) And she's covered in tattoos! She was a lot of fun, and I have to shoot her again :)

Barbara Cia

Barbara is a proper fashion model :) Tall, slim, and very stylish indeed... She speaks english as well as I do, having lived in the UK, but she is now in the Czech republic.

Bella Valentine

Bella is a lovely young model - my first ever born in 1999! She has lovely lips and perky nipples...

Blooma Blossom

Blooma was an alternative italian model who came to see me with Red Snow. And boy was she alternative! I was a bit shocked to see her name tattooed on her forehead when I met her at the station, but I soon got used to it :)

Blue Lah

Blue was spectacular! Beautiful and incredibly sexy. We started with a "socially distanced" shoot at the end of the Corona lock-down, which presented it's own difficulties. She will definitely be back for a lot more.


Cadef is a very pretty Peruvian girl who wanted me to shot her for Suicide Girls. That style requires bright light and, like all Peruvians, she arrived late and it was getting dark. Oh well, we shot for me instead :)

Carla Cox

Carla is probably the best know person around here, a stunning model pornstar. She doesn't model so much these days, but thanks to our mutual friendship with Karlie, she did model with me, and I hope she does again!


Casey, aka Elza Alisha, broke some sort of record. She travelled 750km to see me! Just me... I met her in Riga, the agent said that was where she came from. In fact she came from St Peterburg on a bus! Well, we made best use of our time :)

Casey Smith

Casey is an ex fashion model who realised she could earn a better living doing nude modelling, and she could eat properly too! She has wonderful poses, is great company, and I'll have to see her again when she next visits London.


Celeste (aka Celeste Tereza or Celeste Blue) is a stunning Czech model who I met in Prague. She was one of those girls who seemed so eager to please :) I hope to see her again.

Cherry English

Cherry has become a bit of a modelling legend, even though she's only been modelling for a few months. You can see why! Amazingly, she is moving very close to me, so I have a feeling I'll be shooting her a lot!

Chloe Toy

Chloe normally does very naughty modelling, but she can turn her hand to art nude. She has a gorgeous face and a figure to die for. I must see her again soon...

Clementine Poulain

Clementine is yet another of my tattooed alternative models from Italy (I have a factory just outside Naples). She's also a performer. I saw her in London recently, and we are meeting up in Turin for a show there soon.


Davina contacted me out of blue - she's Agneska's sister! Just visiting London once, but she had to come and see me :)

Deena D

Deena pretty much defines the word "cosmopolitan". She comes from southern Italy, lives officially in Amsterdam, spends a lot of time in London with her boyfriend, and considers herself homeless as she is always on the road! She is a very smart, sexy and versatile model.

Diamond Sparkle

Diamond is a surprisingly busty art nude model who leave quite near me. It took us a while to get it together, but in the end we did!


Ecce is a real chameleon of a model, so much so that I didn't recognise her at the station! She is extremely talented, and showed a huge variety of looks in a very short time.


From her portfolio it looked like Edite was quite an inexperienced art nude model. That couldn't be further from the truth! She walked in full of confidence and looked great. I shot her twice in Riga in my week there, and she will be coming to the UK as soon as we can arrange it.

Eleanora Silverman

Eleanora is a very stylish Serbian model (there aren't many Serbian nude models!) who I met in Belgrade recently. She is extremely slim, with surprisingly large boobs :) I hope to see her again.


Elektra was a strange one! She didn't wear makeup which gave her a right pixie look :) We shot in a nice hotel. I'll try to shoot her again at my place.

Elen Moore

6 feet tall, red hair, legs that go on forever. What's not to love about Elen? She was visiting London for a few days, staying with her friend Mia Sollis, so we had to get it together for a shoot :) And it was so good, we did it again the next day! She has since beome a regular, here, in Prague, and in her home town.

Ellie Roe

Ellie is a "plus size" model, and boy does she carry it well! She combines an incredible voluptuousness with an ability to work very quickly with minimal instruction, making my job as easy as possible!

Erika Antares

Erika is a big girl, and a very sexy one! She came over from Italy with Rana, and we had a quick shoot together.

Eva Ray

I spent half our shoot assuming Eva was Irish! Well, she looks it, and certainly sounds it. But no, she comes from Latvia. In fact, she used to live in the same building as the dungeon studio I've visited :) Oh, and she's also really cute!

Fizza Hassella

Fizza calls herself a "Persian princess", which I'd agree with. She also started modelling as a turn on for herself and to provide naughty pictures for her boyfriend - I'd go along with that too!

French Chloe

Chloe is a very classy french model who has been in London for a while. In fact, I booked her 8 years ago but we had to cancel on the day as the underground was shut for engineering work! In those days I wasn't able to shoot often, and we never managed to fix a date. Well, finally we did, and we will again!


Freya is an incredibly active model with a wild variety of poses, it's hard to keep up with her! We've had two shoots so far, I hope there will be more.

Gabriella Elena

Gabriella, aka Gabriella Knight, is a polish Playboy model who is, as they used to say, rather pneumatic. A lovely curvy girl, and a very good model.

Galina M

I absolutely adored Galina, aka Galina Fedorova, Sandy or Leila Mazz. I shot her in Riga, and when my stay was extended a little I brought her back a few days later for another shoot. We kept in touch and tried to arrange more shoots, but we weren't able to due to the coronavirus. Tragically she died a few months later in a swimming accident. A beautiful, spiritual person, I will really miss her.

Gemma Jones

Gemma lives quite near where I used to live, and has a surprisingly spacious flat with a lot of studio gear. I had to take advantage! We shot when I had some eye problems and could barely see her, I will try to do better next time.

Haphazard Kittie

Kittie, aka Alice Crowley (AliceCrowley) or Wonderdust Supertramp is a lovely Latvian model who used to live in London, and still visits frequently. I shot her with our mutual friend Alison Wonderland, one of my favourite shoots :) Then she came back a year later with dramatically different hair, and I have since visited her Riga!

Heather May Corvid

Heather is a lovely soft curvy read headed art nude model. I met her at the Hacienda, one of my favourite places, and I'm sure we will coincide again!

Heidi Romanova

Heidi (aka Adel C or Vanessa C) is one of those tall red heads that only eastern europe seems to provide! A Russian who now lives in Latvia, our mutual friend Mia put her in touch. I shot her at home, and recently I shot her for a second time in Riga. I hope to do so again :)

Helen Diaz

Helen is a very well known art nude model. I think normally rather more arty and complicated than I shot her! But hey ho, we'll do it again :)


Helena is that rarity, a Serbian model! I met her in Belgrade for a very enjoyable shoot, and I have a feeling she will be able to find me more Sebian models :)

Iron B

Iron is a beautiful asian model who lives near me. She has a lovely style and amazing hair :) We had a short notice shoot, but I think I'll be seeing her again.

Izzy Delphine

I had some fun arranging a shoot with Izzy. She was going to come to London but had to cancel at the last minute. Then she said she couldn't make it to Prague when I was there, and an agent tried to book her and failed. Then Elen booked her for me under a different name, and I didn't realise it was her until the end of the shoot!

Jasmine Lola

Jasmine is an extraordinary model who I shot a long time ago for another site. I recently found a few sets of her, and they are suitable for artcore's cafe - so here they are :) A few pictures have been published elsewhere in a different form, but they are mostly new.

Jess Harrington

Jess is quite new to modelling, she is more of a dancer really, but she really threw herself into it for me! Really fun and great looking. Of course she'll be back!

Jessica Y

Jessica (aka Lexie Love) has an extraordinary look, and seems to be an all-round party girl. She's been on my list for a while, and we finally got it together... I don't think for the last time!


Jezebelle is an extremely upper class young lady. I met her on a studio shoot with Ecce. Great hair & figure, we plan on shooting again soon.


Joha is a beautiful venezuelan girl, who I came across in Lima. She is very smart, and has done some spectacular fashion modelling - now here she is, for us!

Julia Zu

Julia was 19 and astonishing! She had a figure that even made me dribble! We had a great shoot in Riga, mostly in my apartment but also briefly in the dungeon at the end. She disappeared after our shoot but has recently reappeared in Playboy. I have to see her again...


Karina is a russian model with a quite extraordinary figure! She was rather expensive for us so I worked her hard on our shoot. We have a lot of her to come!

Karlie Simon

Karlie is a proper old-time porn star. You name it, she's done it. I have known her for a number of years. Every so often she comes around and we have a little fun shoot.

Kat Lilley

Kat is a very smart an interesting girl. She is big into bdsm, which isn't really my thing, but we have have found some interests in common. She can be very submissive, and very sexy!

Kate Anne

I only had time for a brief shoot with Kate - she was at my place to shoot with someone else - but I have to say I loved her figure. Really, she is something out of the 1950's with her natural boobs and curves. What a change!

Kayla Louise

Kayla has been around for a while, and has been on all the top softcore sites. She is sexy, fun, and great company for a shoot - we end up rabbitting too much sometimes!

Kiki Klement

Kiki is a well known Czech model who visits London occasionally. I finally managed to catch up wth her one summer's evening :) I hope to do so again.

Kim Brown

Kim is a lovely model who specialises in stripping & dancing. She does a little modelling for me though :)

Klara V

Klara was a very tall, slim art nude model I met in Prague. Very beautiful and rather ethereal.


Koneko is a very pretty polish glamour model who is living quite close to me. We had a very short notice shoot, without my normal equipment, but got some great results as she looks so good. I'll try again some time!

Laima Irbis

Laima is a very experienced Russian model, who has been all over the world. She is currently based in Riga. I shot her entirely in the dungeon, but she showed her versatility by looking very un-dungeon like in a lot of sets!

Laura Noir

Laura is a very different model for me. Mostly she does weird horror stuff with fake blood and fetish things :) Not my scene really! So, here she is being much more artistic for us :)

Lauren Crist

Lauren is a modelling superstar, and all-round great person, and we are lucky to have her here :) I have shot her twice in Prague, and again in London. Let's see where will will meet next!

Leah Meraki

I had a rather difficult shoot with Leah! I was staying in a Yurt in the middle of a wood, and we had arranged to shoot in the wood. Sadly, it was pouring down with rain, so we had to make the best of it by shooting in a dark tent. Leah was great, and I hope we can do it again, somewhere with light this time :)

Lena Love

Busty, pretty and fun czech model Lena was quite a surprise when she turned up at the studio in Prague! We only had time for a brief shoot for this site. Lets hope we can do it again :)


Libka, aka Arkida Reeves, is rather unusual for a czech model, being naturally busty & curvy. We had a great shoot during my stay in Prague.

Lily Moonflower

Lily is really cute :) Kayla booked her for a shoot at my place, so of course I shot them both :) With hair & a figure like that, I have to shoot her again!

Lottii Rose

Lottii is a love bright busty girl, who lives a long way out in the sticks... It took about a year from our first contact to actually get to shoot. I hope we manage again sooner!

Lucie B

Lucie, aka Ema Black (Prague models always have loads of names!), was a terrific model with just about the best skin I have ever seen! Beautiful and very talented, I plan on shooting her again when I next visit :)


Ludmilla is one of those magnificent older women who combine beauty & strength... She travelled from Estonia to Riga just to see me :) She doesn't shoot often, but I hope to shoot her again next time I'm in the area.


Luna, aka Magena Yama, is a well known italian model who has done some amazing erotic work. She was visiting London for the first time, and I jumped at the chance to shoot her. We got on like a house on fire, and we're definitely shooting again!


Hot MILF time again! Lynzi has done an awful lot in this busines, here we get her being glamorous :)

Lyssa Noir

Lyssa Noir is a beautiful young Polish model who has broken Laura Noir's (isn't that strange? I'm sure they're not sisters!) old record for living closest to me :) I spent a great afternoon with her on a ferociously cold winter's day. We'll definitely do it again, and I hope to shoot material for her as I live so close.


Medialuna is a lovely natural but "alternative" girl, a friend of Rosa's, who I shot in Lima recently, and will hopefully shoot again.


Medusa is another from my production line of Italian alternative models :) We had a difficult shoot as my camera broke, so I hope I get to do it again.

Mia Sollis

Mia Sollis is a top international model, from the Czech republic. She is living in London for a while to improve her english, and I had to take advantage. She is as smart and funny as she looks, and a tremendous talent.

Miele Rancido

"Miele Rancido" probably means something like Rancid Honey (I speak Spanish, but not Italian...). Miele was a lovely, very smart, model who helped me out at short notice in Bergamo. I hope to shoot her again in London soon!

Millie Lincon

I had a bit of a problem with Millie. She contacted me, and somehow she didn't realise that I shoot to nude until she had arrived at the shoot! She was undoubtedly very attractive, so we did kind of lingerie and implied images to make the best of it.

Mimi Cee

Mimi is a very different model for me. She is bright, fun, a great model, and covered in tattoos! I wouldn't normally go that that, but hers are so good I made an exception, and I hope to do so again!


Mystique, aka Mistique is an actual genuine Transylvanian! In addition to being 5ft 11in tall with red hair - a pretty scary combination :) An extraordinary model and a lot of fun.

Nata Ocean

Nata is a quite scarily pretty 19 year old model who I met in Riga. Look at those boobs! I really have to organize another shoot with her.

Natalia Forrest

This girl is sensational. Half filipina, with the best bits of both! Not only does she look great, she is unbelievably sexy. We are privileged to have Natalia Forrest on the site :)


Nella is a very famous model, who has been around for a decade or more. These days she runs her own business and doesn't model a lot. She is one of those extraordinary beauties who improves with age :)


Nerea is a stunning asian model (a first for me!). There aren't many asian models in London but I found one for us :) I shot her with a couple of days notice, and hope to do so again.

Nicole Vice

Nicole is more of a porn star than a glamour/art model, as you can guess from her name :) However, she looks great, we had a good shoot in Prague and produced some nice material for this site. We have since shot in London & again in Prague.


Nikola, aka Winona, is an astoundingly busty art nude model from Prague. I shot her at her own studio, straight off the plane :) As they used to say, you don't get many of those in a pound!


Nina, aka Kiere or Gala Ann, was very busty for a Latvian girl - they are normally tall and slim - but she had a surprising figure. She was really an agent rather than a model, but filled in for me at the last minute :)

Olga Cabaeva

Olga (aka Patrizia Berger) is an experienced russian pornstar, now living in Spain. She contacted me out of the blue (I don't know how she found me) We've shot a few times, and this time we produced a couple of sets for here :)


Oriana is a definitely alternative model from Riga. I loved her hair, and we had a cool shoot in 3 different locations - she particularly loved shooting outside :)


Ovnicat was a very alternative model I met in Lima - a friend of Rosa's. We really shot for SG, but I did a few sets for here too :) She has some great tattoos!


Patricia, aka Maya or Lil Karla looked so young I checked her ID before the shoot! She had just turned 19, and was unbelievably cute. We had a long shoot in Riga, and I ended up with a crazy amount of material!

Poppy Key

Poppy, aka Victoria, is a beautiful and very experienced model who is always on the road! She passed through London briefly so we had an afternoon shoot, and hope to do so again, possibly when we are both on the road somewhere :)

Quinn Linden

Quinn is a beautiful model from the Ukraine who now lives in Prague. She has a bit of a goth thing going, and almost always wears black. I did get a little colour into her though :)

Rachelle Summers

Rachelle is a very classy model from up north. She visits London occasionally. We had a bit of an unfortunate shoot due to problems with the studio, but I'd love to shoot her again!


Raisa, aka Lena Raz, was nice! She was a very good model from Riga. Due to a mix up, we did the entire shoot in the dungeon, one day I will see her somewhere nice!


Rana (aka La Rana Arrogante) is a very unusual alternative model from Italy. I'm not a tattoo person, but her's are really cool! She visits the UK frequently, but we've only managed to cooincide once so far. We were so good together, we've already booked for her next visit and she won't be alone ;)


Rara is a very active, hard working young model who has made quite a name for herself over the last year or so. I spent a long enjoyable summer evening shooting with her.

Red Snow

Red Snow is another alternative model from Italy. She came over with Rana. I don't know if she will visit again, I really hope so. She has one of the most classically beautiful faces I've ever seen :)

Robyn Brooke

Robyn is a stunning redhead from somewhere up north... but she's planning on spending a lot of time in London, so we should be seeing much more of her!

Roo Morgue

Roo is a stunning tattooed model from up north. She wasn't visiting to shoot, but we did a quick set, and she's definitely coming back :)


Rosa, aka Bloody Rose or Rubi Rawr or Asiri, is an absolutely stunning Peruvian model who I met when passing through Lima. I needed someone to shoot in the amazing apartment I had rented, and she was just perfect for it. We have shot many times since :)

Roxy Lace

Roxy is a cute redhead (well, you know what I mean!). More of a performer than a model really, but we did a couple of sets for this site when she was visiting :)


Royal, aka Royal Patat, is another of my collection of Italian alternative models. They do have such classically beautiful faces :) Royal has particularly nice tattoos too.


Roze is one of my favourite models, and favourite all-around people, but (for reasons we needn't go into here) I have only shot her for this site once :) Maybe again soon!

Sabrina M

Sabrina oozed class when I saw her :) She is a czech model I met while shooting in Prague. We had a long shoot, and there is lots of material!

Sam Lee

I knew nothing about Sam before our shoot. Elen had arranged a g/g shoot for me, and I was standing in a field when Sam & Izzy Delphine arrived. Sam was very unlike most czech models, much curvier & bustier, and she was a lot of fun!

Satin Bloom

Satin is a veteran model who has been at the top of the tree for a long time :) I was very lucky to get to shoot her quickly in Prague, and she certainly delivered!


Sazze, aka Tess B or Tess Lyndon, was a czech art nude model who contacted me on a Tuesday & we shot on the Wednesday! She visits a lot and I'm sure we will do it again :)

Scarlet Louise

Scarlet, AKA Stacey Robinson, is a very slim and sexy mature model! I hope she will become a regular, staying with me while visiting London.


Seed has a strange name and a whole bunch of tattoos :) She lives near near me, and I hope to expand her modelling horizons.

Sharin Manni

Sharin contacted me for a shoot, as another italian alternative model. When she arrived she was very alternative - she had no tattoos at all! She was stunning and very stylish, I'd love to see her again.

Sinead Smith

Sinead is a dancer with a stunning figure. She was actually here to shoot for Kayla, who also does some photography. She ended up shooting for me too, and with Kayla ... and I also shot some silly videos for Kayla's own site!


Sissi, aka Mistica or Michelle, is one of my czech models. She has a great figure, and some interesting text tattooed about her person :)


Sonka is a beautiful part chinese model who lives near me. She's very fit, in every way, and just got naked straight away!

Tammy Claire

I had a very short notice and somewhat confusing shot with Tammy. She drove a long way to see me in the end... She has some terrific tattoos!

Tanya Virago

Tanya is an absolutely astonishing model. The markets herself as a MILF, but she's only just that :) Her legs go on forever, she looks amazing, and is unbelievably sexy!

Tina Kay

Tina is a big time porn star, now based in LA. I met her after Natalia Forrest recommended me to her - and I hope to shoot her again when she's visiting London :)


Tomoko is an amazing young student, doing some part time modelling mostly for fun. She is half Japanese, and her incredible modelling abilities belie her lack of experience. Her alternative name of "Toxic Innocence" suggests interesting possibilites :) She has quickly become my favourite.


Tuulia is a fashion model from Finland, who occasionally does a little art nude. She is naturally stunning, straight off the street. I was gobsmacked by this vision that was waiting for me at the station. You really can imagine her striding down the catwalk, and here she is, naked for me!


Ursulla is an art nude & artists model. I met her a while ago and we ran a little project through her pregnancy. Interesting and very different for me, and a beautiful woman.

Victoria A

Victoria was an art nude model I met in Prague. She had lovely skin and a great figure. We produced a lot of sets in our three hours together!

Victoria Smith

Victoria is an art nude model who specializes in outdoor shoots. Tall and slim, she has a prediliction for getting wet and cold in her shoots. I, kindly, just let her walk around :)

Victoria Sweet

Victoria, aka Chloe, is a czech model who I met with Carla Cox, and will meet again. I've said elsewhere that I'm not a bottom man, but with Victoria I'll make an exception, it's the best ever!

Vincent Littlehat

Vincent is an extraordinary fey, mystical, enchanting creature, unlike any other model I have ever met. When she visits London, I am definitely seeing her again :)


Wil is so new I had to check her id before the shoot! Don't worry, she was legal by a few months. Very cute. She was rather tired, I hope to choot her again when she has more energy!

Xi Zhou

Chinese model Xi is amazing. She has endless ideas, she seems to know what will look good more than any model I've ever met, and wow is she pretty! If only I could find her again.. [update...] She's back! Lots more sets coming :)


Yuki is a delightful fey sort of model, who lives right out in the wilds on the east coast. So much so that she got completely lost coming to see me! Don't worry, next time I'm going out there to see her!

Yvette Meurs

Yvette is a Dutch art model who was over here on holiday. I booked her at the last minute, on a very hot summer day. A very pretty girl with a lovely figure.

Zara Moore

Zara is a proper northern lass, and glamour model. She came to visit me while shooting for other photographers. She really comes to life in front of the camera, and I hope she ventures down south again soon!


Zokka is another from my secret supply of Serbian models :) Very much on the alternative end of the business, this was accentuated by the location we shot in :)